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Charlottesville, VA, June 21, 2017 – To kick off the first day of summer, there’s an easy way to keep it cool and save energy – and the environment – in the process. Generation 180, a nonprofit creating a cultural shift in energy awareness and clean energy adoption, is urging shoppers to Keep It Cool and identify stores with open doors while the air conditioning is running in an effort to curb energy waste. 

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Although already illegal in places like New York City, the practice of leaving a door open is still common around the country. Collectively this habit drives up costs, wastes energy, increases pollution and stresses the power grid. According to Con Edison, the average store with a door open wastes about 4,200 kWh of electricity over the summer, releasing about 2.2 tons of carbon dioxide and other substances – the same amount of pollution emitted by a diesel semi-truck driving from New York to Miami. If stores keep doors closed in the summer, it would reduce the equivalent pollution of 55,000 semi-trucks driving across the country or an average car driving 830 million miles – every year.

“One of the quickest and least expensive ways to cut carbon emissions is for people to make simple changes in their everyday lives,” says Nate McFarland, director of communications at Generation 180. “Just the simple act of stores closing their door can reduce pollution significantly, and our Keep it Cool campaign is an easy way that people can impact wasteful behaviors in their own neighborhoods. It also gives retailers the opportunity to do the right thing and showcase their green values, making it good for business, the community and the environment.”

 An Easy Way to Keep It Cool: Take a Minute to Pin It

 Anyone with a smartphone can help Keep It Cool. Simply spot front doors on shops, and send a pinned location to Generation 180 via Facebook Messenger, noting whether stores have their doors open or closed while running the air conditioning.  Here is a video on how it works.

 Once Generation 180 hears from a consumer, they contact the retailer.  Stores with closed doors are recognized with a green pin on the campaign map promoting their location. For stores with doors open, Generation 180 reaches out to remind them to close their doors to conserve energy. After a week has passed, if their doors remain open, they place a yellow caution pin on the campaign map. Generation 180 will invite all retailers contacted to commit to keeping their doors closed and join the effort to promote the campaign.

“While Protect Our Winters' focus is on engaging outdoor enthusiasts in climate advocacy, we know that to address climate change, large scale policy change must go hand in hand with individuals and businesses reducing energy waste and choosing clean energy their daily lives,” says Lindsay Bourgoine, manager of advocacy and campaigns for Protect our Winters, a partner in the campaign, along with Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Ideas for Us. “Being a part of the Keep It Cool movement can help build national momentum for retailers to change their policies and for communities to consider enacting local rules against open doors.”

“The success of Keep It Cool depends on consumers getting into action and sharing their activities with their friends and social networks,” says Susan Klees, campaign director. “We encourage everyone who cares about the environment to join in our effort this summer – it is an easy and fun way to make a difference and breathe easier in your own community.” 

Learn more and join the movement to Keep It Cool at www.keepitcool.org, follow @Gen_180 and #KeepItCool.

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