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Say Hello To Your Electrified Neighbors: 2017 National Drive Electric Week

Ever wonder who exactly is driving those Teslas, Chevy Bolts, and Nissan Leafs around your town? Well those car owners are gathering at an event near you this week, and they’re ready to answer all your burning questions about what life is actually like with an electric vehicle.

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The Energy Transition: A Conversation With Jeremy Leggett

 Acclaimed writer & social entrepreneur Jeremy Leggett stopped by the Generation 180 office last fall to discuss the trends, narratives, and major events that are together accelerating the global transition to clean energy. He speaks from the perspective of an activist, author, and entrepreneur who has been on the front lines of the energy transition for decades.

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Ten Reasons Why "Keep It Cool" Is Smart For Retailers

Turn on the local news on any summer day, and there's a decent chance you might hear a familiar story: a regional power company is struggling to meet electricity demand. The power grid strains as we draw megawatts of energy into our homes and businesses to keep them cool during a sweltering hot summer day. Around the country, massive coal-fired power plants are running at full capacity, spewing tons of pollution into the air.

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Save Energy While Back-to-College Shopping!

It is time to decorate your dorm and revive your closet before syllabus week. As you hit the stores for new gear, you have the opportunity to make a difference in reducing waste and pollution in your hometown or college town.

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The Power Industry Is Changing

In the power sector, utilities are shifting to clean energy because the economic case is so compelling, and the trends are clear:

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Why Drive an Electric Vehicle?


These days, there’s good reason to think seriously about buying an electric vehicle.

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Draw This: U.S. Solar industry

This isn't a video, but it's an interactive microsite that you're going to enjoy. Test your knowledge of the recent growth of solar here in the U.S. 

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The Deal With LED Lighting

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Wind Surpasses Hydro

Wind surpassed hydro as the biggest source of renewable electricity here in the U.S. thanks to a tripling of wind capacity since 2008.1

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Solar Jobs Update

Today we're going over some exciting numbers from the solar industry. How fast exactly is the industry growing?

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